Law enforcement and protestors gather for ‘Justice for January 6th’ rally


WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — After weeks of anticipation, a rally in support of the January 6th rioters happen not far from the Capitol today in Washington. Smaller crowds of protestors gathered at the rally than organizers were hoping for but those that did show up said they came to send a message.

“This is about equal treatment under the law,” Look Ahead America Executive Director Matt Braynard said. He continued, “because we have a real issue with transparency in the aftermath of January 6th.”

Braynard and other demonstrators say this event has nothing to do with the election or who is President.

“I want to fight for what I believe in and I want to teach my kids, if you believe in something strongly do what you believe in. That’s why I’m here,” demonstrator Mary Beth Cronin said.

Those in attendance say this event is about getting a message out to all Americans, the need for fairness for nonviolent offenders from January 6th.

“If you breach the Capitol, yeah you should get prosecuted, nobody disagrees with that. But it should be fair. It should be our fair legal system,” demonstrator Keith Tunell said.

But counter-protesters say those who were arrested and may still be in custody are getting fair treatment.

“These people were breaking into the Capitol. They were in areas where they should not have been and they were directly threatening the fundamental democratic process,” counter-protestor Nicky Sundt said.

“We have people who attacked the capitol, who threatened the lives of lawmakers, threatened the lives of law enforcement officers and threatened the government. So they’re getting far better treatment than they deserve,” counter-protestor Dawn Fichtner said.

Despite earlier concerns about potential violence, law enforcement worked to keep protestors and counter-protesters separated and only 4 people were arrested in connection to the event.

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