How to register to vote during a pandemic in DC


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — When moving to a new city, don’t forget to change your mailing address, your billing information for credit cards and loans, and your voter registration.

Every registered voter in Washington, D.C. will receive a ballot for the November 3, 2020 General Election. That’s why it’s important to make sure your address is accurate and up-to-date, so the Board of Elections mails the ballot to the right person.

You do still have the option to vote in-person at 16 locations across the District or early in the General Election from October 27 to November 2. Click here for more information about early voting in the District.

To be eligible to vote in Washington, D.C., you must be a United States Citizen living in the District. You cannot claim voting residence or the right to vote in another U.S. state or territory. The legal age to vote in the United States is 18, but you can pre-register when you turn 16 to make sure you’re ready to go when you turn 18.

When registering to vote, first click here to open your mail-in voter registration application. Fill out fields one to 13. Don’t fill out the signature space yet. Make sure to check boxes that apply to you. Print the form once you’ve filled it out electronically, then sign it with a pen.

When you register to vote in the District of Columbia by mail or online, you also have to include a copy of one of the following documents. If you don’t include it in your application, you need to bring a copy of the document the first time you vote in-person:

  • A copy of a current and valid government-issued photo identification
  • A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, or paycheck (dated no earlier than 90 days before the date upon which you mail your application or, if you do not submit proof by mail or online, 90 days before the date you vote)
  • Any other government-issued document

You can mail or fax the form and a copy of your proof of address to the Board of Elections. You can also take a photo of it with your cell phone, then send it by email to the Board of Elections.

  • D.C. Board of Elections
    1015 Half Street, SE
    Suit 750
    Washington, DC 20003
  • Fax: (202) 347-2648

You can check your registration status by clicking here

District residents registering to vote or changing an address must submit any updates online to the Board by no later than the 21st day before the election you’re planning to vote for. If you send it by mail, the Board has to receive it by the 21st day before the election.

To vote in a primary election in the District, you have to be registered to vote with one of the parties that holds primaries. Those include Democratic, Republican, D.C. Statehood, Green, or Libertarian. That must also be completed on or before the 21st day before the primary election. But, if you’re registering for the first time, you can register with a party at the same time you vote.

If you miss the above deadline but still wish to vote, you can register during early voting or on Election Day. You’ll have to provide proof of residence that shows your name as well as your current District of Columbia address. Below are the acceptable forms to show proof of residence:

  • A copy of a current and valid government-issued photo identification
  • A utility bill for water, gas, electricity, cable, internet, telephone, or cellular phone service issued no earlier than 90 days before the election
  • A savings, checking, credit, or money market account statement from a bank or credit union issued no earlier than 90 days before the election
  • A paycheck, stub, or earning statement that includes the employer’s name, address, and telephone number and was issued no earlier than 90 days before the election
  • A government-issued document or check from a federal or District agency, other than the Board of Elections, issued no earlier than 90 days before the election
  • A current residential lease or rental agreement
  • An occupancy statement from a District homeless shelter issued no earlier than 90 days before the election
  • A tuition or housing bill from a District of Columbia college or university issued for the current academic or housing term


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