Groups gather outside Supreme Court in support and opposition of Barrett confirmation


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — The United States Supreme Court is now back at nine Justices, with Amy Coney Barrett filling the seat left by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Barrett’s confirmation does not come without opposition, as protesters have voiced their concerns since confirmation hearings started on October 12.

Just a few hours after Justice Barrett was confirmed, a group was outside of the Supreme Court singing praise and worship music, dancing and celebrating. That scene was different from just hours prior when groups poured in to express both their support and opposition to Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation.

Any bystander could hear chants ring out from the front of the building. “Women are not property!” was a common chant. Sunsara Taylor with Refuse Fascism, said, “If we don’t want to see women forced backward, we have to come into the streets and stand up.”

The group with Taylor was standing up against Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination. At the same time, just yards away, groups for the nomination stood up to show their support.

Other common chants rang out, such as, “We are the pro-life generation!” James Renwick Manship from Mount Vernon said, “It’s a great blessing for America,” when asked about Barrett’s nomination.

Spencer Brown with Young America’s Foundation held the same opinion.

“Having her on the Supreme Court of the United States will help guarantee to future generations including young people today that their freedoms remain intact and protected by the highest court in the land,” Brown said.

As people made their voices heard, the vote was happening inside the Senate. Each group was eager for the outcome. Brown said, “I think it shows the importance of things like the First Amendment that allows this kind of lively debate to happen and why we have to protect that going forward.”

Manship added, “You’ll have at least three people who are strong originalists, maybe even four, and that makes it so the chance or restoring the constitution as the framers intended is greatly increased.”

Taylor disagreed. She said, “It is part of cementing in a fascist majority court that will be hostile to the rights of women, LGBTQ people, hostile to the rights of Black people.”

While one group is able to celebrate a victory, the other said their fight is far from over. Taylor added, “We have to pour in the streets nonviolently, but all of us. From all our different perspectives, all our different walks of life.” Taylor said they will continue to protest each and every day and invite others to join with them.

Barrett was sworn in at the White House, with Justice Clarence Thomas administering the constitutional oath. With Justice Barrett, the Trump Administration has now appointed three Supreme Court Justices.

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