District officials discuss ways to hold dangerous drivers accountable


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — District Councilmembers working on the committee on transportation and the environment held a roundtable with the Acting Director of the Department of Public Works and the Deputy Mayor for Operations and Infrastructure on Monday, December 6, to find a solution to holding dangerous drivers accountable.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of drivers in the DMV are eligible to have their vehicles booted in the District, but at current staffing levels, it would take nearly 25 years to catch up.

The Councilmember chairing the committee, Mary Cheh, said, “The main focus here is road safety.” Cheh pointed out that there are thousands of drivers in the District each day who have outstanding tickets related to dangerous driving.

“Drivers who speed, run red lights or stop signs and otherwise behave dangerously behind the wheel pose a direct threat to other users in the roadways,” Cheh said.

The Department of Public Works, the department in charge of ticketing, booting and towing vehicles, does have two boot crews working in the streets each day, but they can only boot a max of 50 cars a day. At that rate, it would take over 20 years to hold drivers accountable.

In the meantime, Cheh is worried about the continued dangerous driving.

She said, “These are tickets for dangerous driving behaviors and these drivers are still driving on our streets, behaving recklessly presumably, because they know D.P.W. is doing almost nothing to catch them.”

When asked what can be done to help, Acting Director of the Department of Public Works, Christine Davis, said, “It will require a significant increase in resources to boot and tow all of the vehicles that are eligible for booting and towing, whether they are registered inside or outside of the District.”

A drive is boot eligible if they have two or more outstanding, unpaid tickets. Currently, 44,000 District drivers, 168,000 Virginia drivers and 30,000 Maryland drivers fall under that category.

Moving forward, officials are working on plans to add more employees to booting and towing crews and upgrade the system to alert crews with a boot eligible driver is found parked in the District.

There are currently three open boot crew positions.

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