District drivers encounter higher prices, fuel shortage in Northwest D.C.


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — As the Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack left drivers in a panic across the southeast, rises in gasoline prices and shortage of fuel started becoming an issue in the DMV. In the District of Columbia, drivers started rushing to the pump on Wednesday, May 12.

The price for regular gas at The Washingtonian on Wisconsin Avenue Northwest went up seven cents from May 11 at 10:30 p.m. to May 12 at 1:00 p.m. The rise in price was not the only thing drivers faced when they arrived to fill up.

As driver Rose Silva explained, it was a stressful task to fill up the gas tank. She said, “I think people are just like, on edge right now. It took me a lot longer to get in than usual.”

Silva typically gets her gas from the Washingtonian in her neighborhood, and was surprised to see so many people trying to fill up at the same time. While there was a lot of clutter, the price was something she did not expect either.

She said, “I just paid $3.85/gallon for three-quarters of a tank, so it’s definitely a lot more than I planned on paying.”

Other drivers, like Kevin Costello, said the current price is no issue. He explained, “When it gets over four or five dollars, then I’ll get worried.”

On top of the hit to wallets, the supply began running out as everyone rushed to get what was available. The store clerk said the station was completely out of regular and plus gasoline. There was premium available, but the clerk said there was only 400 to 500 gallons left.

Silva said, “I’m a little surprised. I kind of thought after the pandemic last year and all the rushing out and rationing, we wouldn’t be as quick to end up in this situation again with rushing out to get something that’s in a shortage.”

The station clerk said there was supposed to be a fuel delivery on Tuesday night, but the supply truck never arrived.

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