DCPS to offer in-person learning options at every school in Term 3


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) will begin Term 3 on February 1st, and parents started hearing from schools about in-person seat offers on January 11.

School officials say they’ve spent over 30 million dollars on purchasing adequate PPE equipment, tools needed for daily health screenings, and updating HVAC systems district-wide. These steps, with the in-person learning options and plans for dealing with any potential COVID-19 outbreaks, are what make DCPS confident in bringing more students back to the classroom.

According to the school system, on average, each school will be able to welcome 30 percent of its students for in-person learning. Preparing for this was a team effort by the school system and the DC government.

Options for in-person learning vary between Elementary Schools and Middle/High Schools.

The Elementary School model options are below:

Model A: One Teacher Instructs One Cohort All WeekModel B: One Teacher Instructs In-Person and Virtually All Week (Often with Support Staff)Model C: Two Teachers Rotate to Instruct 2 Days In-Person and 3 Days VirtuallyModel D: One Teacher Instructs 2 Cohorts of Students (In-Person and Virtual)
Students come to school 4 or 4.5 days per week for all instruction.Students come to school 4 or 4.5 days per week.Students come to school 4 days per week and have two teachers (e.g. humanities/STEM or English/Spanish).Students come to school 2 days per week (M/T or Th/F).
The teacher is responsible for the in-person students across all subjects up to the class cap.Students learn content simultaneously either at home or in-person from the same teacher.Each teacher teaches in-person 2 days and virtually 2 days.Their teacher teaches A cohort in person M/T and B cohort Th/F.
All other students would be instructed virtually by other teachers. ​Teacher teaches their whole class with some students reporting in school and the rest participating virtually.Teachers instruct other half of cohort virtually.The days the students are not in school they engage in the Combined model with their teacher.
Term 3 In-Person options for Elementary Schools (Courtesy: DCPS)

Middle School and High School in-person options are below:

Option A: Student Cohort, high need ​Option B:  Student Cohort, high demand  ​Option C: Course or teacher driven  ​Option D: Academic and Social Emotional Support Center ​
School identify student cohorts who are scheduled into at least two of the same courses to come to school 4 or 4.5 days per week.Students come to school 2 days per week (Monday / Tuesday or Thursday / Friday).Schools identify high-need courses for in-person learning (e.g. special education or English support, PE, CTE, performing arts, lab sciences, etc.).Students come to school 0.5 to 4.5 days per week to engage in any range of supports or social-emotional or enrichment activities.
While at school, they meet two of their teachers/classes in person and also two of their teachers/classes virtually.While at school, they meet two of their teachers/classes in person and also two of their teachers/classes virtually.Students are scheduled to attend one of these classes in person and complete the rest of their schoolwork that day from an adjacent room. ​These could be credit bearing, but are not likely a part of the students four courses that are scheduled Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. ​
Term 3 In-Person options for Middle/High Schools (Courtesy: DCPS)

Any parents who are not comfortable with their children attending in-person learning still have the option of virtual learning.

If you have any questions, there will be a town hall meeting on January 27 at 5 p.m. You can sign up for that here.

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