D.C. Congresswoman talks statehood possibility


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — As the District of Columbia continues pushing to become the 51st state, organizations like 51 for 51 are working to spread the message and educate the country on why residents want statehood.

The group hosted a panel discussion on Wednesday with D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Norton to discuss the whys and the challenges to getting statehood. The congresswoman noted that there has never been more support in the House and Senate for statehood. She also said since Democrats have majority of both, as well as control of the White House, her hopes are high.

The congresswoman wanted the residents of D.C. to know that even though she does not have the rights to vote in the House, she does not want them to believe that D.C. is without any perks of statehood.

She explained, “We have most of what we need right now. We have a member of the House in committee who runs committees. We’re treated as a state for funding. What we lack is representation in the Senate of the United States.”

Congresswoman Norton said the biggest fear in the fight for statehood would be a filibuster in the Senate.

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