Amazon executives visit a computer science class at Cardozo Education Campus


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Top Amazon executives joined a computer science class at Cardozo Education Campus for Class Chats on Tuesday, Oct. 12, as part of Amazon Future Engineer’s Meet an Amazonian initiative.

The class not only learned about Amazon as a company and opportunities that are available to them in the future, but the Class Chats gave the chance for students to dive deep into how life’s twists and turns can lead to a great career.

Muna Said, a senior in the class explained, “It was more of an open conversation where you get to a similar position or even explore what you want to go to in the future, which was really different and I liked it a lot.”

The guest speaker, Amazon’s Vice President of the A.W.S. Worldside Specialist Organization, Brian Taptich, did not talk solely about Amazon, but instead gave a glimpse into his personal professional journey and answered the students’ questions about career paths and life in general.

“Usually when we have visitors, they just come in and they’re like, ‘Hi guys. This is what I’m working with,’ and all of the questions pertain to what they are here for. Here, it was a lot more personal,” said explained. ” It helps you remember the substance of what he was talking about, and it makes you kind of think about yourself and reflect on what you need to take away, what you need to do in the future and how to better prepare yourself.”

The Global Director of Amazon Future Engineer said the point is not solely to recruit for Amazon.

He said, “We share the human story, and the human story did not start or end with Amazon. Amazon is part of that.”

The goal of the Meet an Amazonian Initiative is to inspire young people to pursue tech jobs in the future.

“More than anything, we want them to know that working in computer science can help them achieve their goals, whatever those goals might be,” Reinoso said.

Looking to the future, the seniors in the class have the opportunity to be awarded an Amazon College Scholarship worth $40,000, which comes with a guaranteed internship after their first year.

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