Voters at the polls react to using new voting system that processes a paper ballot


Thousands of Maryland voters used a new paper trail ballot today. It’s the first year in which this new system was used across the state of Maryland. 

“I thought it was easier than the last one you had to push on the electronic voting tablet and this is a lot easier and I thought it was a lot reliable,” said Donald Montreuil, Frederick city resident.

We spoke to voters at the polls who say they feel more secure with the new system. 

“I liked it I voted in several different states moving around and I’ve seen good systems and bad systems there’s a lot of confidence in this system because there is a paper trail,” Anne Montreuil, Frederick city resident.

Although the system was a new process, officials tell us that voting polls ran smoothly, especially with the help of extra volunteers.

 “Generally things went really well we had some minor glitches but that’s not unusual with a new voting system and the voters getting used to it,” Frederick County Election Director Stuart Harvey,

 Not every voter is a fan of the new system.

 “They just need to automate it–it should be a lot simpler they shouldn’t need that many volunteers if they put it on a iPod or an app and figure out the security and just run with it,” Jill Fitzsimmons, Frederick city resident.

Officials here in Frederick County say despite the hiccups and small glitches, they are confident in the new voting system and will be using it in the general election.

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