With 3D printing business, 12-year-old hopes to have a hand in changing the world


Spring break is winding down in Loudoun County, but 12-year-old Mahsa Riar has been hard at work all week to save the world.

At 11-years-old, Riar decided the next toy on her wishlist was a 3D printer. Now, she’s designing and printing prosthetic limbs for children in need as founder and CEO of her company, Limitless Limb.

“I’m hoping that I can help kids all around the world and not just in the U.S.,” said Riar. “A lot of them in Africa or in the Middle East lose their limbs and they have to live their whole life without a limb. So I was thinking I could go to those countries and help those kids.” 

After Riar perfects arm and hand prosthetics, she says she’ll be working on leg and foot ones, too. Meanwhile, she’s winning local competitions, including Young Entrepreneur’s Academy, which invested $1,500 in her company.

Riar will travel to Rochester, N.Y. on May 3 to represent Loudoun County at the National Saunders Scholar Competition. 

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