Winchester store sells winning lottery ticket

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Someone is starting off the year $100,000 richer, after a Winchester convenience store sold a winning lottery ticket. 

The Handy Mart on Senseny Rd. sold one of the winning New Years Millionaire Raffle tickets, run by Virginia Lottery, but whoever won isn’t the only lucky one.

According to officials at Virginia Lottery, stores that sell a winning ticket get a “retailer bonus”, which in this case was $750. 

Perhaps not the biggest monetary prize, but officials also say the stores selling winning tickets often get a reputation among lottery players as “lucky stores” and many stores see higher sales as a result. 

Richie Carlson, the manager of the Senseny Rd. Handy Mart says this is the first big ticket he’s seen sold. 

“We have a consistent amount of people that come in regularly for the lottery machine, so I assume they do well on it, but that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of something that size,” he said. 

According to the Virginia Lottery, the winner of that ticket had a 1 in 75,000 chance of winning.

Regardless of the winning ticket, Carlson says the store is already a winner in his eyes.

“I mean, this has always been a lucky store,” he said. “It just has been. It’s done a lot for me, it’s done a lot for the people that work here, and hopefully it’s done a lot for the customers.” 

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