Why it’s so important to stay in shape while you’re social distancing


MovementX is taking part in Instagram fitness challenges and making sure participants don't injure themselves in the process.

ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — Some of us are trying to stay in shape while we’re stuck at home by challenging each other to fitness exercises on Instagram. A group of physical therapists at MovementX are also participating in the challenges and making sure people aren’t injuring themselves in the process.

About 14,000 people engaged with MovementX’s latest Instagram challenge to move from a standing position to a sitting position (and back up again) without support. A study shows that this exercise can increase your lifespan. That can only be done if it’s done correctly — once they’re tagged in the video, MovementX will score and critique the movement to reduce the chance of injury.

“We can watch someone walk down the street or watch someone move on Instagram and tell where that movement is breaking down,” said Josh D’Angelo, CEO of MovementX. “So far for us that’s actually been really influential in our ability to deliver telehealth services. By watching them we can tell where they’re breaking down and then help to provide education on how they can improve that movement.”

MovementX is still providing physical therapy sessions in-person and outdoors, six to 10 feet away from their clients. They’re also offering telehealth sessions. They’ll be launching an online exercise class and will donate 100 percent of the proceeds to organizations that provide resources to medical professionals treating COVID-19 patients.

Before the pandemic, D’Angelo says an 80-year-old MovementX client was back squatting 100 pounds. A little over a month later, when he was convinced to participate in a telehealth session, D’Angelo says he could barely lift 10 pound dumbbells.

“At home you have to be continuing to exercise, especially because you may not realize that you’re not moving from home to the grocery store; to a friends house — you’re moving a lot less through the day,” said D’Angelo. “We want to make sure that you’re able to move the best that you can on the other side of this pandemic.”

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