What happens to vaccine doses if clinics close due to inclement weather?


WINCHESTER, Va. (WDVM) — When bad weather closes down local vaccination clinics, what happens to the vaccine supply? Does it spoil or go to waste?

Dr. Colin Greene of the Lord Fairfax Health District says that there are no problems with the supply when clinics close down. He says that the vaccine vials are not taken out of cold storage until they are planned on being used and typically the district is able to plan for clinic closures a day or two in advance. He also says that even if doses are pulled out from storage, they are still okay to use for several days as long as the vile is not opened.

“For any given vaccine I think they can have great confidence that it’s been stored properly and that it will be effective and that it is safe,” said Dr. Colin Greene, Director of the Lord Fairfax Health District.

The health district also says that they typically have a list of people on standby in the area if they need to use up vaccine supply that has already been opened.

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