Warren County public schools adopt new substitute teacher system to make process more efficient


Substitute teachers can look forward to more opportunities in Warren County thanks to the company Source4Teachers.

“You always have to keep that sub pool up…that’s the challenge we’re going through now with our program is to be able to increase that sub pool,” said Warren County Public School’s Director of Personnel, George “Buck” Smith.

The New Jersey based company has helped serve nearly 200 other school divisions throughout the country, by allowing teachers to put in when they will be absent, and allowing substitute teachers to accept the offer electronically. Smith said it will ultimately help substitute teachers find more work while helping the county achieve a 100% fill rate.

“Being able to have our absentee system tied into this, our subs being able to sign up whenever they want, where ever they’re at…in front of a computer, or by their phone … to be able to sign up for positions as they become available,” said Smith.

Smith added that Warren County Public Schools currently have 90 substitute teachers and they need 140 to be high efficient. Good news is Source4Teachers will help the county do just that…all while helping them save money.

“Some of the positions that we previously used for this, we can use those in other areas and instructional area’s…some in direct cost savings with this is creating a system that’s more efficient electronically, rather than the manual way we did it in the past,” said Smith.

And that’s not all; substitute teachers can expect to receive better training, benefits, and a slight pay increase.

“Over the last few years budget wise, we’ve been challenged with being able to stay up with our local counties as far as what they pay for daily rates for substitutes. We wanted to add for the substitutes- something more than just a pay check,” added Smith.

According to Smith, they’ve had the program for about a month now.

Several districts in Franklin County also use source4teachers.

To visit the source4teachers website, click the link below:


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