Virginia Senate candidates are confident heading into Election Day


VIRGINIA (WDVM) — Will Virginia’s Senate seats remain blue or split 50/50? That’s the big question Virginians are contemplating as they head out to the polls tomorrow. Both candidates seem eager as Election Day is only hours away.

Democrat Incumbent, Senator Mark Warner, didn’t show any worry when asked how he was feeling ahead of Election Day.  

“I feel like we’ve had a great response. I think Virginians want someone as a Senator who’s got a proven record of being bipartisan, getting things done,” said Warner.

Republican candidate, Daniel Gade, a first-time politician, is embracing the unfamiliarity of Election Day with full confidence.

“I’ve gone into unknown situations before in my 25 years of military service. I’ve done a lot of new things and because I’m not a career politician like my opponent, this is all new to me. I’ve never gone into a general election day before, so this is a lot of fun and I hope I’ve earned the trust of Virginians,” stated Gade.

Gade said the main thing his campaign is focused on making sure the turn out to the polls is up.

“There are a lot of conservatives who feel left behind in Virginia and so I’m hoping they’ll turn out and vote for their values. If they do, then we’ll win this race,” expressed Gade.

Warner has a message to voters as they head to the polls, “I want Virginians to know, that for me, I will always put Virginia first, and I’ve done that as Governor, when Virginia earned recognition as the best managed state and the best state for business. I’ve done that as Senator, where I’ve worked in a bipartisan way, had 56 of my bills become law.”

Warner said the first thing he plans to do, if he’s elected, is to get Coronavirus Relief Aid out immediately.

“We need to make a deal between what the President’s offered and the Speaker has said. Let’s split the difference and make sure we get assistance out as quickly as possible,” said Warner.

Gade’s first move if he wins looks very different by passing a bill to hold Senators accountable to their constituents instead of stockbrokers.

“I’ve talked repeatedly that the first thing I’d do is something called the Sit Act, which is an accountability act that would require every member of Congress to put their holdings in a blind trust so that we don’t have the kind of insider trading that has made so many of these people rich,” stated Gade.

Warner and Gade hope Virginians show up to the polls and vote. Click here to find a voting location near you.

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