Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly on GOP tax plan


Early Monday morning, Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly led a roundtable discussion in Fairfax County voicing the concerns of local stakeholders on the Republican tax cut bill that is currently being considered in the House. 

Congressman Connolly said the plan would hurt an incredible amount of Virginians.

“I think it paints a pretty dire picture for how it affects seniors, industries like real estate and home building, the nonprofit world, the educational world and the public financing of infrastructure. So, it is fairly comprehensive damage,” said Congressman Connolly.

Congressman Connolly said the GOP tax plan calls for an elimination of state and local tax deductions and a cap on mortgage interest deductions.

He said this is especially relevant since Virginia has the nation’s fourth highest percentage of tax filers claiming deductions, including 1.5 million households.

Congressman Connolly said the proposal also calls for the elimination of many other deductions Virginia families count on, including student loan interest cuts and deductions for medical expenses.

“We heard from students who are getting their educational costs waived, because they are teaching assistants who suddenly are now going to have to pay taxes on that as a benefit, which could be the difference between staying in school and leaving,” said Congressman Connolly.

Congressman Connolly said residents should voice their concerns to their elected officials to make a difference and fast.

“Run don’t walk to make sure that your member of Congress, your senator, knows how you feel before they vote. They are rushing this to judgment, and it is not a good thing,” said Congressman Connolly.

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