Valley Health program helps fight against Parkinson’s


Last June, Roger Viadero, started having Parkinson’s like symptoms and he’s been trying to knock out the disease ever since.

“I’ve been to doctors, I’ve been to therapists, had enough scans, and this has done more for me than they have,” said Roger Viadero, Rock Steady Boxing participant.

He attends rock steady boxing for people with Parkinson’s at the Winchester Medical Wellness Center.

“The best thing I like about the class is the comradery of all the participants,” said Viadero.

This circuit-style boxing class helps improve reflexes, balance, core strength, neuromuscular memory, posture, and coordination.

“A lot of our membership if this program didn’t exist, they wouldn’t be coming in here and exercising. And it’s that forced exercise that helps maintain that muscle tone between the brain and the muscle so that signal that tells us hey, I can do this if we don’t practice that we can’t do it,” said Garrett Perrella, Fitness Specialist.

All to reduce the progression of the disease and regain some normalcy in their day to day lives.

“What we’re trying to do is make sure that we can function in the regular world as long as possible,” said Perrella.

Peter Kahn is also a trainer for the class. He was a professional fighter and even trained 11 world champions. He says being part of the class gives him an opportunity to pay respect to his mother.

“Unfortunately my mother died from ALS and so I had some predisposition to helping people with neurological disorders,” said Peter Kahn, Trainer.

Kahn says some people in the class can’t stand and some may have to move their arms in a certain way, but they make sure the program fits the needs of each individual.

“The good thing about boxing is it’s not like any other sport. You don’t have to put the ball in the hoop. You don’t have to put the ball in the cup, everybody can succeed at their own level,” said Kahn.

This entire class has a common goal to fight back against Parkinson’s.

The class is free and sponsored by the Winchester Medical Center Foundation.

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