Unveiling "Connie's Quilt" at South Lakes High School

Artwork created by school S.T.E.A.M team

Reston, Va. - Students at South Lakes High School unveiled new artwork Thursday aimed to "dispel the myth of the self-made man and identify the reality that nobody gets where they are without support from family and friends."

On Thursday night, the students celebrated their completion of the piece called, "Connie's Quilt." The artwork was created by the schools S.T.E.A.M Team and inspired by chain-mail, a form of body armour worn by European knights. Students say the eight foot sculpture contains more than 200 interlocking rings that symbolize the definition of community.

"In a community everyone is connected to each other and we thought the beauty of it is each individual piece making something that's bigger than itself," said Catherine Lashley, junior at South Lakes High. 

"I feel like that is represented well in this model because of the way the chains are together creating a strong bond," said Senior Amirah Kirwan.  

The sculpture will be installed on the Lake Thoreau Spillway the week of July 9'th. 

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