Unpaid court fees will no longer result in suspended Virginia licenses

Starting in July,Virginia will no longer suspend licenses for unpaid court fees.

MANASSAS, Va. - After months of working with Virginia lawmakers a local group helped Virginia get rid of the suspension of driver's licenses for people with unpaid court fines.

The group Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (V.O.I.C.E) says the punishment of suspending licenses for unpaid court fines only hurt people of lower income status. Losing the ability to drive to work makes it harder for people to pay off fines. This will reinstate approximately 627,000 drivers license in Virginia who currently have suspended licenses. One of the advocates says this budget amendment was worked on by both sides of the aisle.

"It's bipartisan. It's every ethnicity, every political party, every economic strata, this affects everyone, and instead of us trying to play parties, we decided to say let's do something that is right for virginia, for the 620,000 virginians and their families," said Dr. Keith Savage,  a leader with V.O.I.C.E. 

Since it was a budget amendment, this could be debated again next year when the next budget is up for debate. 

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