Thrifting hobby turned full-time job inspires other women looking for extra income


A recent bank rate survey found  nearly 4 in 10 Americans have a second paying job, and they bring in nearly $700 a month on average. And one Northern Virginia woman is sharing her tips and tricks to help others earn an extra income. 

About four years ago, Rebecca Black, had to quit her job because of medical problems forcing her to turn her hobby into a full time business. Now instead of sitting at a desk, she spends most of her time in places like the Unique Thrift Store re-selling finds on Poashmark. She recently decided to teach others her tips and tricks. In a class of about 20 women, she shared her top three tips for thrifting for profit. First, Black suggests starting in your own closet, that way you get a feel for the business without spending any money. Next, she says you need to find your niche, or figure out what type of items you want to sell. At that point, she says you can start to grow your business, and branch out to other categories. 

“Once you feel like you’ve mastered that area that you love, which when you find the one you love it’ll prevent burnout,” Black said. “So you find the one you love then master that, then you grow into the different categories to expand upon your business,” she added.  

After a successful first class, Black plans continue to share her tips the second Wednesday of every month at the Unique Thrift Store in Falls Church. 

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