Thomas Jefferson High School student creates new learning platform


FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — Lack of motivation and cluttered course material — these are the two issues that Thomas Jefferson High School student Adit Pareek kept experiencing during virtual learning. It’s also what led him to come up with a new virtual e-binder — called edPAL.

“You can basically think of edPAL as an all-in-one workspace for students,” said Pareek.

The new product will help students manage their assignments, homework and grades all in one space — as opposed to the multiple software students currently use.

“The fact that there are so many different platforms and websites and applications that students need to keep track of that are now localized is stressful,” said Anish Devineni, edPAL team member. 

Pareek says that the purpose of the program isn’t to make a profit, but to help students stay motivated and organized. 

“Our purpose with this is not to really like to profit off of students issues, it’s really just to help others out,” he says.

The team — which has members from China and Texas — have been meeting virtually. 

“We’ve been in communication over texting and Zooming. We’re really focusing on getting the word out about edPAL,” said Claire Shi, edPAL team member.

The team has raised roughly $3,000 in seed funding and reached out to school systems to gage interest, but as for next steps, the students are aiming to provide a tangible product for their customers. 

“We basically had an alpha, now we’re moving towards a beta so we’re planning on early December,” said Pareek.

EdPAL says they hope to have their official launch by February 2021. 

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