The Medical Society of Virginia assist Afghan refugees from Dulles Airport


STERLING, Va. (WDVM) — The Medical Society of Virginia is assisting United Airlines by supplying physician volunteers to help Afghan refugees from Dulles International Airport to Qatar.

More than 6,000 Afghan refugees have arrived in Virginia. The Medical Society of Virginia began deploying doctors from Dulles to Frankfurt and returns on the same plane are now packed with Afghans.

“Some of the lengths of these flights are over 40 hours and they cannot get off the plane from the moment they step on at Dulles. They’re there till they stop at Ramstein and over in Qatar picking up the passengers and return home it’s a long flight,” Andrew Densmore, the political advocacy manager of the Medical Society of VA, said.

Initially, United Airlines reached out to Senator Mark Warner’s office to connect the airline with the medical society.

“We stand ready to take those calls not only just to send people in the area which is vitally important but also to think through issues. Medicine is a very complicated thing, health care is very complex,” said Melina Davis, CEO/executive vice president of the Medical Society of VA.

As health officials provide medical attention to those in need, some issues that arise are dehydration, headaches, high blood pressure, and cardiac emergencies.

“I know that our doctors have made it a priority to bring things such as children’s Tylenol, epi pens, thigs such as the basic headache and fever medicine, as well as there own PPE, and using the materials that United Airlines supplies onboard” said Densmore.

Health officials said they’re prepared to cater to more Afghan refugees that are on the way.

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