The final vote on the construction budget for Aylor Middle School is in.


After several weeks of meetings, the final vote is in. The Frederick County Board of Supervisors has chosen to pursue the 45.5 million dollar budget for Aylor Middle School. 

 “They took action, they approved that, in the terms of the appropriation. So the good news is we’ll be able to move forward with a new replacement Aylor Middle School. However, the initial request of the school board back in February was for a 52 million dollar project,” Superintendent of Frederick County Virginia Schools, David Sovine.

The Frederick County Board of Supervisors believe they made the best decision for their county.

 “I completely understand why the School Board requested the original 52 million dollars, that was what they felt was the ideal allocation in order to do the school that they wanted to do. But we have to then balance that will all of the other needs and we come to a compromise,” J.Douglas McCarthy of the Frederick County Board of Supervisors

 Some residents are worried that the school will not be large enough to fit the 900 students the school intends to hold. They are worried it will effect them as taxpayers in years to come. 

“Construction cost estimate, it is not estimated that we actually going to be able to fit 900 students in that school. According to any contractor that you ask, it actually costs more money per square foot for renovation or addition then it does for new construction,” said Citizen Advocate, Kerrianne Kite. 

Even Aylor students voiced their concerns

 “We have younger siblings that in Aylor right now or going to Aylor and we don’t want them to deal with the same things we had to deal with,”  said Former Aylor Student, Stella Wallin.

And it final vote hit some parents even harder. 

“We shouldn’t be fighting for needing the required space for our children. This isn’t, and I don’t know how we win. This is a rural community and we have a lot of older folks living on fixed incomes. I don’t know you balance it but that’s your job. And it isn’t to make the students lose,” said Parent and Aylor Substitute Teacher Amber Wallin.

Now that the budget is final, the Board of Supervisors and the School Board will be moving forwards with the plans for the new school. 

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