Tax legislation rejected by the Virginia House of Delegates could mean late tax returns


After tax legislation was rejected by the Virginia House of Delegates, some residents are on edge. 

“Virginia is able to e-file now, they did take longer than usual in past years to open up and accept our e-file. Usually, West Virginia is the state we have to wait on to e-file but this year it was vice versa,” said Liberty Tax VA regional director Megan Landis. 

On Monday, emergency legislation that would align Virginia’s tax code with new federal laws was rejected in the Virginia house. 

“Usually by around valentine’s day people start getting their Virginia refunds but right now Virginia is not releasing any refunds yet,” said Lanis. 

This means, the state may be unable to immediately process thousands of tax returns they have already received, and many local residents say they’re concerned. 

“I know with me, we have some repairs that we need to do to our vehicle pretty soon and we’re counting on that money to do that and without that money, I can’t do what I need to do,” said Winchester resident Peter Higgins. 

Megan Landis says the good news is, liberty tax has seen federal refunds come through. However, anybody with earned income credit, child tax credit or American opportunity will not receive their refunds until later on. 

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