Study shows link between ADHD and digital media use


A new study may have parents monitoring how much their children use digital media. 

According to scientists at University Southern California, teens who are heavy users of digital devices like smartphones were twice as likely to show symptoms such as  emerging inattention, trouble with focusing, resisting distraction and controlling impulses more than those who only use the gadgets occasionally.

Study author and psychologist Adam Leventhal says “It’s one of the first studies to look at modern digital media and its’ link to ADHD risk,” 

“If what happens is the kid disappears into their room with their IPAD, and their up there for hours, you’re reinforcing a habit that they will not be able to break later on very easily, and some kids become completely debilitated by it, completely depressed by it.” Chief Operating Officer of Grafton says. 

The two year study followed over two thousand 10th graders in schools in Los Angeles County .

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