Students from Marshall Academy help middle school students explore careers


None of these opportunities were available to me I want to make sure they're available here

VIENNA, Va. (WDVM)– Over 600 8th grade students spoke to students from various high schools in Fairfax County, including Marshall Academy, to guide them to a career they’re interested in.

Parsia Bahrami, a student at Marshall Academy and Marshall high school said, “I’m here today because when I first came to the us I pretty much gave myself a mission of spreading joy and love to stem and cybersecurity to everyone.”

Bahrami also said he wants to spread knowledge of stem careers because it is a growing field, and to give back to Kilmer students in particular as being alumni.

“None of these opportunities were available to me I want to make sure they’re available here, with different teachers we work with them to make sure they have classes that really relate to all their students,” said Bahrami.

Kilmer students had the opportunity to learn about robotics, electrical work, computer system technology and other fields.

Niki Rosett-Haubner, a counselor at Marshall Academy, said “We offer a wide variety of sessions available so they can start to explore careers. At Marshall academy we have a heavy focus on it courses anywhere from working with students to work towards there comp tia certification all the way up to there security plus certification.”

To ensure that students are benefiting from this program a survey is taken every year to see what they learned and their overall impression of each learning station.

“Each year not only have we been able to grow the number of middle students that we impact but we also have been able to expand our session offerings” said Rosett-Haubner.

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