Student-run record label makes music magic on Shenandoah campus


Chance Washington grew up in a music-loving household. 

“We’re listening to Spanish music, we’re also listening to Tupac , Biggie, Earth Wind and Fire Jill Scott, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, even up to the music of today,” said Washington.

So it’s no surprise that he’s in school for music, but it may surprise you to know that he is the CEO of a record label. Swarm Music Group is a student-run record label that produces music with the help of a board of advisers composed of Shenandoah University staff members.

The record label has a team of creatives, who are experts in production, marketing and songwriting. All of the label’s seven artists are also students, Washington says Shenandoah’s campus is swarming with talent in all musical genres. 

“I don’t want to sit here and act like Shenandoah University isn’t a melting pot because it is so why not capitalize on that and be like well if you want to make your music and you’re serious about it let s make some music together. 

Artist India Larry is working on gospel music.

“When it comes to making music that’s the only thing that’s easy to come to my mind, so I just want to put product out there that will allow people to relate especially young people.” India Larry says.

And Chase Green is putting together a rap/r&b project. Green is only a freshman, but has loved hip hop music for as long as he can remember and he says he can’t believe he’s getting the opportunity to create, and share his music with Shenandoah and Beyond. 

“It’s been surreal right now, i’m still trying to kind of process it.” Green says. 

Artist development coach Sydney Smith says its rare for students to have full creative control on projects on a college campus , and swarm has exactly that. 

 “We are really blessed to have that opportunity and advisers that let us use the space to do what we have to do.” Smith says. 

Washington says he doesn’t take the opportunity lightly – and that its preparing him for a future in the music industry.

“This is very much a proving ground to see if i can really do it.” he says. 

Swarm has recently started to work with artists in the community who are not Shenandoah university students. 

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