Sterling teen launches SWEY, a sports drink aimed at Gen Z


STERLING, Va. (WDVM) — One teen launched a healthy sports drink aimed at Gen Z and athletes after a health scare. Alana Andrews wanted to create a product to promote maintaining good health.

Alana said, “I knew that I didn’t want my life to end up to seem to be my fate.”

At the age of 8, Alana was diagnosed as borderline diabetic. She didn’t want the disease to impact her life, so she turned to tennis.

“After putting hard sweat and tears out on the track and out on the courts, I would go to these grocery stores and I would see beautiful colored drinks and awesome cool creative labels, but they were covering the artificial ingredients and the tons of sugar that were in these drinks,” she said.

With loads of sugar being detrimental to her diabetes, Alana created Strong, Wise, Energetic, Youth – also known as SWEY – to bring forth healthier sports drinks with all-natural flavors. Natural flavors include citrus sizzle (orange and tangerine), major kiwi (strawberry and kiwi) and tropicalada (pineapple and coconut).

“I started making mixes in my kitchen. I would go on Amazon and order these ingredients that teens needed that had the vitamins that were important to teen athletes. After that I eventually took it to a lab located in Louisville Kentucky called Flavor Man, they helped me build this vision into a tangible good” said Alana.

Alana hopes to see SWEY diversify into other forms such as protein powders and snacks for the athletic field.

“We’ve had dozens of taste tests throughout that time which has been extremely helpful for developing a product we see working in the market. One of our first taste tests was with a group of Gen Z-ers and other generations. We had them try SWEY the first time ever, it was actually made in the lab” said Alana.

Now diabetes-free, the 16-year-old maintains her health at the tennis courts, all the while drinking SWEY to keep her energized. It has also become the official drink of the Pete Brown Junior Tennis program in Los Angeles, California.

For more info on SWEY, you can visit

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