Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum hosts first tour in Sign language


A visit to the museum is one of the best ways to interact with history, but what if you only got to experience half of what the museum had to offer?

On Sunday, Alexandria’s Apothecary Museum hosted its first tour exclusively in American Sign language, or ASL. Those who are hard of hearing or deaf miss half of the information they’re given at a museum because they have to focus on either the visuals or the guide.

A museum docent, hard of hearing and fluent in ASL, felt it was important to broaden the museum’s audience.

“Honestly, it’s just really fun to learn from all the visitors that come here,” said Docent Brittany Turner, “I learn all the different kinds of medicine and the history of it, what’s incorporate and what impacts them…it’s possible. And I think that’s a great start.”

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