Some George Mason University students want to end animal experiments on campus


On the same week as Earth Day there’s also a lesser known celebration, called World Day for Animals in Labs, which students at George Mason University are observing by hosting a rally.

The rally was attended by several different groups to express their displeasure with the school’s use of animal experiments. The groups want to bring awareness and also to protect animals from becoming literal guinea pigs in a science experiment.

“Ninety-five percent of the tests that are successful in animals aren’t successful in humans, so only 5 percent of the tests that are successful in animals are successful in humans. So to be learning from these animals, to then go on doing these things to humans is harmful to both animals and humans,” said Erika Wilkinson, head of the DMV Actions for Animals group. 

Earlier in the week the same group held a rally in front of the White House to express their displeasure on a more national scale. 

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