Route 11 Yard Crawlers battle heat one day early


It was hot in Edinburg on Friday.

Considering the 102 degree index, it would be expected that most bargain shoppers getting the jump on Saturday’s 12th annual Route 11 Yard Crawl would just stay home, but that’s not the crawl mentality. 

“It is very warm, but there’s always good deals. I found a whole bunch of movies today for less than $25. Who could pass that up,” said Christine Bush, a shopper who traveled from Richmond for the event. 

During the crawl, over 43 miles of sidewalks and yards along Route 11 are filled with vendors selling anything from forgotten about items left in garages to handmade jewelry. 

The crawl officially starts on Saturday, but veteran crawlers know that the party starts at the Edinburg Flea Market on Friday. 

“You never know if it’s gonna be 100 degrees, 80 degrees. Is the microburst coming through? It’s an adventure, in addition to being a lot of fun,” said Frances Edwards, a veteran vendor. 
Gretchen Sortzn and her family, the notorious Dan’s Bunch, have one of the largest plots at the flea market. They said the money they earn during the crawl is just an added bonus. 
“It would never be about the money. The paycheck you make here is the emotional paycheck, and it’s not just being with the people that you love, it’s being able to have a smile and kind word with the community,” Sortzn said. 
Although she loves the thrill of a good deal, Bush agrees that the best part of the crawl is the way it brings people together. 
“To be able to see friends that you haven’t seen for awhile and work with different people in the community, and you always find that opportunity,” she said. 
But children and grandchildren beware, because your inheritance might just be up for grabs. 
“They don’t want the happy mushroom canisters? Oh, well that’s okay then. I’m gonna sell them,” Edwards said. 
The Route 11 Yard Crawl stretches through New Market, Mt. Jackson, Edinburg, Woodstock, Toms Brook and Strasburg, Middletown and Stephens City.

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