Residents show blaze of appreciation after Citizens Fire & Rescue Academy

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On Thursday, dozens of Fairfax County residents got up close and personal with their first responders, taking a glimpse into the life of a firefighter.

For nine weeks, residents participated in citizens fire and rescue academy. 

“I learned the life of a firefighter is pretty dynamic. We did everything from put water on fire, to go into a tower basket over 100 feet. It taught me that firefighters risk their safety for our safety everyday,” said academy student David Shuping. 

Each week, participants learn about a different aspect of the fire department, ranging from special rescue operations to fire suppression. 

“We’re just so appreciative of the firefighters,” said Laura Shuping. “Much more respect and just acknowledging it has to be a calling and a real heartfelt desire to do this daily,” she added.  

“We want the residents here in Fairfax to see what their fire department is all about. Our salary, and the equipment is paid for by their tax dollars. We want them to see where their tax dollars are going,” said Fire Chief Willie Bailey. 

The next citizens rescue academy will be held in march. To apply contact the Public Information & Life Safety at 703-246-4630 or via email at

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