Planning commission says new restaurant mural can stay


A new restaurant, Manolete’s Taqueria Gourmet Mexican in Winchester, painted a mural on their building without asking the city’s permission. During their monthly meeting, the planning commission decided to let it stay. 

“We have nine entry corridors into the city of Winchester leading into our central historic district and along those corridors properties that are within that zoning district are subject to review,” said Winchester city planning director Timothy Youmans.

City guidelines include, not exceeding three colors of exterior paint. 12-year-old Jayden Edwards started a petition to help convince the city to keep the artwork. 

“We started it on and over 2,500 people signed the petition and so that’s when I realized how many people there were I decided to go ahead and email the city manager,” said Admiral Byrd Middle School student Jayden Edwards. 

City manager Eden Freeman responded by saying the commission will discuss the mural along with the petition during their May meeting. The commission also discussed adjusting their guidelines for the future. 

“They wanted to strengthen their intent language. They also wanted to specifically call out areas where large representations of many colors such as a mural might be appropriate,” said Youmans.

The business owner must complete an official application and get the owner of the building to sign off. 

“That means a lot, I can’t thank her enough to help us keep this up,” said Manolete’s Taqueria Restaurant owner Emmanuel Munoz.

The owner of the restaurant has invited Jayden to the grand opening in June as a “Thank you” for starting the petition. 

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