Paws for Seniors finds forever homes for senior dogs and cats


"The saying is, 'Who rescued who,'" said Brenda Scamordella. "'Typically, it’s the pet that rescues the human. It really is."

BEALETON, Va. (WDVM) — Since 2011, Brenda and Jim Scamordella have been adopting and fostering senior pets in need of forever homes. Their organization, Paws for Seniors, rescues older dogs and cats — either from shelters or from owners who pass away or can no longer care for them — and matches them with new owners. The process takes as little as two weeks.

Through donors and local partnerships, Paws for Seniors rehabilitates the animals as needed; from dental work to surgeries. At the moment, they’re fostering and caring for 10 dogs…and too many cats to count.

When they can’t find foster homes, Brenda and Jim take care of the animals themselves. A couple weeks ago their house was home to 21 dogs. They’ve adopted five of the dogs for themselves.

80 percent of the Scamordellas’ clients are senior citizens. “We’re doing more than just paying attention to the animal,” said Jim. “We’re actually affecting many, many seniors [who are] lonely.”

Jim and Brenda have clients as old as 90-years-old. When they can’t take care of their adopted pet anymore, Paws for Seniors takes it back until they find its next home.

“The saying is, ‘Who rescued who,'” said Brenda. “‘Typically, it’s the pet that rescues the human. It really is.”

Adopting one pet saves three lives: the one you adopt, the one Paws for Seniors rescues, and the one the shelter can make room for. Donate, volunteer, or adopt at

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