New response plan helps save more live after mass casualties

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Arlington County’s fire and police departments and the Virginia Hospital Center are teaming up to create a unique response plan to save more lives in the event of a mass casualty incident. 

The new response plan is designed to eliminate the influx of patients emergency departments often see after events like mass shootings or terror attacks. While specifics of the plan will not be revealed for security reasons, paramedics, law enforcement officers and hospital staff will work hand-in-hand to provide rapid treatment and protection for incoming victims. 

“Statistics indicate that the hospital immediately surrounding the scene quickly become overwhelmed with patents,” Lt. Nate Hiner, with the Arlington County Fire Department said. From the fire departments perspective it is sending resources to the closest appropriate medical facility to provide life-saving stabliizng care and eventually transport patients further away from the impact area to subsequent hospitals,” he added. 

The plan was created in June 2018 and will be fully integrated into Arlington County’s emergency response operations starting May 1. 

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