New Police Chief ready to leave mark on town of Strasburg


The town of Strasburg has a new police chief who plans to make his mark on the community.

For over 11 years, Wayne Sager has served the town of Strasburg but his passion for helping others came way before he joined the Strasburg Police Department. 

“Help someone carry the groceries to their car, saving the local cat from a tree,” Strasburg Police Chief Wayne Sager says. 

In 2006, Sager put himself through police academy and has held multiple titles since, including investigator, patrol Sergeant and police captain. On January 11th, Strasburg council appointed him the chief of police. Sager says he has big shoes to fill coming in after Tim Sutherly, but he’s ready to keep the department moving forward . 

“Things have evolved, it’s not just arresting people and writing tickets,” he says. 

Sager and his team have developed a one, three and five year vision plan. One of the things in the plan include gaining full accreditation. He wants the department to be as transparent and accessible as possible.  

“Know that you can walk in here and come upstairs and meet with the chief of police at anytime. Or speak with an officer and just have a good friendly conversation,” he says. 

Sager also says he would like to see the entire department certified in crisis intervention. He says mental health and addiction related calls are things the officers deal with each day. 

“Those two things are a lot of our calls for service, so I think staying current with the training and what’s trending in those communities. We need to stay on top of that,” he says. 

Sager coaches at the cross fit gym in town, and for the high school baseball team. He says showing the community and youth that police officers are human by engaging with them in person and on social media is one of the things he hopes to be remembered for. 

“Getting out with the kids in the park, playing basketball, riding the skateboard with them, getting out and speaking out with them, making those connections and those bonds,” he says. 

Strasburg has been on the list of safest places to live in Virginia for the last five years, and Sager says he plans to keep it that way. 

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