New Humane Society director is excited to offer stability

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When Meghan Bowers got the call to provide the Humane Society of Warren County with more stability and do what she loves… She answered. 

“They called me, I just couldn’t stay away, I was so excited, Bowers said. 

Bowers most recently worked as a shelter manager in Aldi, Virginia. There she adopted Ginger who she says motivates her to help other animals find their forever home. 

“She just makes me so happy and we’re best buds, and I want that for everybody. I want that for every animal to have their girl or their boy to take care of them,” she said.

Bowers says although finding forever homes can be rewarding, the work can be mentally and emotionally challenging. She has had to take a step away from animal rescue and care in the past.    

“The people who are working here love 50 animals at a time and we lose them, or something happens, or they get adopted and come back over and over again, and it absolutely breaks your heart,” she said.

She says as executive director she is a little more removed from making such strong connections with each animal, which is a good thing for her, but she will still be enjoying the perks of the job.

“I can go grab one whenever I want, which is nice. Every time they walk by I come out and I go squish their little cute faces,” she said. 

Bowers adds, she has no plans on leaving anytime soon 

“We start to think of all of the grants we’re going to get in 2019 and expanding our current program, so you know, we’re looking for bigger and better, I don’t have any plans on going anywhere, I have a lot of plans that I want to get done,” she said. 

Bowers says she is looking to implement compassion trainings for her staff to help them deal with any emotional challenges that they encounter. 

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