New Bike Store Offers Alternative Transportation for Residents


Imagine beating traffic, getting your daily exercise and supporting the environment all in one trip! Well, that is Virginia native Todd Ketch’s vision for the town of Alexandria. His newly opened business, Pedego is the first store in the region dedicated to selling electric bikes.

“Alexandria is a really wonderful city but the big problem here is traffic. So, I wouldn’t say people usually take alternative transportation but we are moving fortunately in that direction,” said Alison Sigethy, a local biker and customer.

“It lets you get around to get to more places, not have to deal with the traffic, not have to deal with parking, so really in Alexandria this is the perfect opportunity,” said Todd Ketch, the Pedego store owner.

Ketch says he traded in his 25-year-long career working as a government affairs executive for health issues. He now has a business that allows him to still promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ketch says these bikes have 250-500 watt motors that help riders cruise distances of up to 60 miles without even breaking a sweat. Not only that, but saving the environment from a few tears as well.

“From an energy perspective, from a green perspective electric bikes really offer the best opportunity to have a form of transportation that you can use that is inexpensive and doesn’t require licensing. You can charge the batteries on these and take about three hours when you plug it into a standard wall. It maybe costs you 25 cents. From a health perspective, we have data that shows you can burn up to 500 calories per hour, on an electric bike,” said Ketch.

“To me it feels like I am riding a bike, but I have superpowers and that’s great,” said Sigethy.

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