Mass casualty training prepares first responders for critical situations


There are few times in a year where the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department can conduct a mass casualty drill and Saturday April 13th was one of those days. 

The Fairfax Fire and Rescue Department was joined by ambulances and medevac helicopters at Fox Mill Elementary School in Herndon, Virginia. The departments were practicing a mass casualty drill, which is any incident that involves multiple accidents or several casualties. Practice drills like this help first responders react in case of any large scale emergencies. 

“It’s very important, the biggest thing that we have to do is compress that time factor between that time we are dispatched to the time we get those patients to the hospital. There is what is called a golden hour and we need to get those patients to definitive care within that golden hour, and that’s what this helps us do,” said Fred Brandell, Battalion Chief of Fairfax County Fire and Rescue. 

Drills are done every few months in order to keep emergency responders prepared for anything. 

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