Manassas Volunteer Fire Company donates medical supplies to Kenyan clinic


The City of Manassas recently dissolved its Mass Casualty Unit: a collection of supplies for major accidents, like a plane crash.

President of the Manassas Volunteer Fire Company Pete Rockx says the supplies otherwise would’ve been headed for the trash. The supplies are considered “expired,” despite having one to two years’ left of good use. 

Instead, over 10 bins of medical supplies, including IV bags, face masks, and splints, are headed to Kenya’s Camp Bretheren Medical Center in Eburru, a village about two and a half hours northwest of Nairobi.

Rockx has spent the past two years volunteering for the medical center with the McLean Bible Church and the nonprofit David’s Hope. 

But before there was the clinic, there was Mary Njenga: a self-titled “mobile nurse,” who spent seven days of the week caring for her community. With her, she carried her faith in God and her limited medical supplies in a small bag. When she wasn’t traveling, she was delivering babies on the floor of a mud hut. 

“I knew people struggle, since I was brought up in a remote village,” said Njenga. “I saw them struggling. No treatment. And I hurt to see someone struggling without the extension of a hand…but if I am able to help you, that was my happiness.” 

Njenga and her family visited the fire station on Monday afternoon to take a look at the supplies. As clinic supervisor, Njenga watches over the clinic’s vaccinations, curative care, deliveries, and small surgical procedures.

“We are modern,” said Njenga. “We are moving on.” 

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