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Diane Canney is honoring frontline workers and those who have lost their lives to Covid-19, one quilt square at a time.

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — Diane Canney became inspired to make a change after she had a conversation with her mother earlier this year about the pandemic. 

Using her artistic imagination, Canney envisioned a way for people of all ages and backgrounds to participate. 

“This project began probably a month ago when my mother asked me, at age 95, to do something for her as a birthday present. In her generation, they often did very community-minded efforts in times of crisis…I think during a time of uncertainty in America like this, during the pandemic, all of our lives have been affected. So my main goal was to collectively have Americans thank our frontline workers, and then honor and remember those who have passed away from Covid,” said Canney.

She said this is a project anyone ages five through 95 can participate in.

Courtesy: Diane Canney

“These were created by senior citizens, children as young as third graders, and as old as 95,” expressed Canney.

Her only requirement is that the squares all share a unique message.

“It doesn’t take any artistic skills, it doesn’t take any sewing skills. It can be as simple as a Sharpie with a message you want to present,” said Canney.

Canney’s campaign slogan “Together we will heal,” represents how fabric squares come together, binding individuals from all over the country into traveling display quilts.

“My plan is to bring hope to several communities as we can, replacing these panels as we get new ones from different communities,” Canney stated.

Canney said the central idea behind the quilt squares is honor and hope. She encourages everyone to join in to participate in this historical project. If you are interested in participating, visit her website here for more information.

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