Loudoun County Board to discuss Civil War remnants


LOUDOUN COUNTY Va. (WDVM) — Loudoun County Board members are going to analyze signs, roads, and building names to determine if they reflect individuals who were Confederates or segregationists. Board members said they are working to compile a list, addressing each item one by one.  

“We need to compile that list and we will review accordingly and if anything else is identified, we will review them and possibly remove them as well hopefully” said Koran Saines, Vice Chairman.

Saines said he wants to address Harry Byrd Highway in the meeting.

“We know Mr. Byrd was a segregationist, it’s well documented, and I feel that is one that I will definitely be looking to remove.” Saines stated.

Saines and Board member Julie Briskman both said they have received emails from residents concerned with figures who still remain recognized in the county.

“A constituent sent me a photo of a marker honoring Mosby’s Rangers for a quote on quote remarkable feat in winning a battle at Miskel Farm and this constituent wants the sign taken down because it’s offensive” said Briskman.

The Board has been actively reviewing other markers in the county after the removal of the Silent Sentinel in front of the courthouse.

“We need to be honoring people who exemplify bringing people together, supporting everybody, in the world” Saines expressed.

The Board plans to review the list, determining if each item is still relevant and fair without trying to erase history. A link to their meeting can be found here.

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