Local political groups react: Governor Northam plans to remain in office


Governor Ralph Northam says he does not wish to resign and he hopes to work towards equality with the state of Virginia.

“The way he’s handled this situation is rather poor and I think it really has affected his credibility. So at this point I think we don’t really have another choice but for him to step down,” said Winchester city councilman Evan Clark. 

Northam is just one year into his four-year term and says he plans to spend the rest of his time in office working on improving racial inequality across the state.

“He’s trying to substitute one racist policy for another. He says that there needs to be more employment and educational opportunities for minorities including housing. But that’s not benefiting all Virginians,” said Virginia 6th district republican campaigner Dean Peterson. 

Virginia’s government also faced backlash this week when Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax was accused of sexual assault and Attorney General Mark Herring admitted to wearing blackface in his past. 

Polls show that Virginians are split over whether the governor should resign. 

“I think if we’re gonna hold any politician accountable, it must be even. Republican, Democrat, independent, man, woman, it has to be even and fair,” said Clark. 

Both Northam and Fairfax have been called to resign and if they do so along with Herring, Republican Kirk Cox would become the next governor of Virginia. 

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