Local Leesburg woman starts a walking tour business


LEESBURG, Va. (WDVM) — The silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic is the extra time to do some of the things we enjoy, and some people have even been inspired to shift their focus and try something new, like Carla Mueller, who started a walking tour business.

Carla Mueller is a Northern Virginia local who currently resides in Leesburg. She took her combined passion for history and architecture and turned it into a business.

Mueller said starting this business gave her two purposes, “It would enable me to start a business, which is something I’ve always wanted to do, and then it would help me be connected to the town and it certainly has done that as well.”

She said began researching attractions she wanted to include on the tour and started building a website to get the word out.

“I just started immersing myself, doing the research, I had the time to do it, and then I came up with an itinerary that made sense,” stated Mueller.

During her tour, she fits several attractions into just one mile of walking.

“It’s a little bit of history, little bit of architecture, little bit of lure and I try to make it fun and interesting and hit the highlights of each attractions. I don’t go into an enormous amount of detail, there’s over a dozen attractions on the tour,” expressed Mueller.

On the tour, you can expect to see the Loudoun History Museum gift shop which is a very rare diamond notch house, restored in its original form, The Norris House, built by the Norris brothers in the 19th century, and the Old Stone House, one of the oldest homes in Leesburg along with others.

Mueller’s goal is for people to have a good time enjoying all the history Leesburg has to offer.

“I want them to have that aesthetic, learn some facts, have some fun, and see some visually appealing buildings,” said Mueller.

Mueller’s tours can be found on Groupon or on her website, here.

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