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LEESBURG, Va. (WDVM) — For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, owner of a specialized bra boutique, Nanette Parsons, wants women to know they have a support team when they come to her store. Parsons’ store, Best Rack Around, opened almost seven years ago in Leesburg.

“The Best Rack Around is a place for all women to feel comfortable, secure, in their own body and in their own skin, and there’s no judgement here. So we’re here to make you feel great,” said Parsons.

Regular bras and bras with pockets to fit prosthesis.

Parsons has seen family members and close friends pass away from various cancers, and is a skin cancer survivor herself. After working corporate jobs for several years, she decided she wanted to help women.

“I had a group of women, all different ages, and just started asking questions, like where do you get a bra? What if you’ve had a mastectomy? Where do you get swimwear? Right? Where do you go? Nowhere,” expressed Parsons.

Susan McDaniel, an employee, was originally in the dentistry field. After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2017, she decided she also wanted to help other women feel confident.

“Having been through chemotherapy and radiation myself, I felt like it was an important move in my life, I was at that time where I wanted to make a difference, and do something different,” said McDaniel.

Parsons and McDaniel were both trained for over 500 hours to properly fit bras to women, whether they’ve had a double mastectomy, are breastfeeding, or simply need a good fitting bra. They even offer medical-grade prosthesis that inserts into bra or swimwear pockets.

“So we have clients that come in and you know, everyone kind of thinks they know what size they wear, and then we fit them,” stated McDaniel.

When they fit women, they don’t allow any negative talk in the store. McDaniel joked that the “f-word,” meaning “fat” is not allowed in the store. Their goal is to make clients feel special when there are in the store and also when they leave.

With all of the discussion, scare and uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus, it has become easier to forget about other diseases, cancers, infections and more that infect our family, friends and neighbors every day. Parsons and McDaniel have one simple request, to check on a family member or friend who may be battling cancer.  

“Women are still having treatment, they’re still going to chemo, they’re still being diagnosed, they’re having surgeries. So we need to be mindful of that,” said Parsons.

Parsons and McDaniel are also urging women to make sure they are up to date with their mammogram screenings, even during such unprecedented times.

To donate to breast cancer charities, visit these websites: Step Sisters and Loudoun Breast Health Network.

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