Pete Buttigieg hosts town hall in Arlington


I came here today because we need someone with fight

ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg hosted a town hall at Washington Liberty High School in Arlington, Virginia on Sunday.

As Buttigieg supporters flooded the football field at the school, Buttigieg said, “Now the American majority stands ready to defend the next generation by backing up those who educate them with a secretary of education who believes in public education and supports our teachers.”

Buttigieg spoke about his plans for healthcare, our government, ways to Defeat Donald Trump, equality and much more. One man from Lovettsville Virginia came to hear him speak.

“I came here today because we need someone with fight who also can give hope to America who cares about the issues knows about the issues and can take the fight as if it was necessary to trump” said John Flanner, Buttigieg Supporter.

Flanner said no one seems able to stand up to Trump, but with Buttigieg and the crowd he brought today he certainly can.

Buttigieg said “If this president keeps up that tough talk keeps beating his chest and throwing himself military parades maybe the time has come for a war veteran to stand next to him and educate him.”

Flanner said being amongst other supporters who stand with Buttigieg and his policies makes him feel like we have just not hope but great possibility.

“And this is the year that we cannot afford to mess up we cannot have another four years of Trump but I think in Pete we have a person who blends the issue with the ability to win,” said Flanner.

Thousands of people fill Washington Liberty High School football field.

“(He) Represents the type of leader we need and the type of person I want my children to see and be inspired by,” says a supporter.

Kelsey Jones reports live after the rally from a now-empty football field.

“If you felt the frustration, if you felt the exhaustion, maybe even felt that terrible temptation to turn it all off and walk away. Now is our chance to remember that they might’ve been the jury then but the verdict is up to us now on this president and on those senators that protected him,” said Buttigieg.

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