LCPS Employee arrested for “upskirting” students

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On Friday, a Loudoun County Public School’s employee was arrested after deputies say he was caught filming up the skirts of female students.

30-year old Samuel Hermens is facing three felony charges of unlawful filming. Hermens was a long time employee LCPS, working as an itinerant, which is specialist that moves from school to school, since 2009.

Students at Woodgrove are outraged.

“People should be screened better. Seeing a teacher getting arrested for basically child pornography…That’s not right. We shouldn’t be at a point where that’s something people like to do,” said Logan Lamirine, student at Woodgrove. 

“It was just so repulsive that a teacher here would do that,” said another student, Peter Witt.  

“This incident occurred this morning, one of our teachers saw someone acting in an unusual manner in the school. They approached the person and even though they were wearing a badge meaning they were LCPS personnel they knew they didn’t really belong where they were,” said  Wayde Byard, Public Information Officer for Loudoun County Public Schools. “We have a policy called “see something, say something,” where if a teacher or student that sees something unusual they should report it to a trusted adult or administrator…and that’s exactly what happened,” he added.  

Student said they’re both upset and surprised that such an act would happen at their school. 

“I don’t wear skirts but it just made me uncomfortable that a teacher could be looking at me like that,” said Sierra Csizmadia. 

“It makes me really uncomfortable. I just don’t get how people can do that,” explained Meghan Pantaleo.  

“It’s a little bit shuttering I mean when I  saw him in the hallway today he just looked like a normal man, but for him to do that it’s not right and it made me a little bit uneasy because you don’t know what else is happening,” said Dylan Carey.” 

School officials confirmed that following his arrest, Hermens was placed on administrative leave without pay. 

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