JK Community Farm launches self guided field trips, for students to learn outside of virtual learning


PURCELLVILLE, Va. (WDVM) — When workers at JK Community Farm are not growing crops and livestock to donate to non-profits, they’re providing field trips for students with hands-on learning.

Samantha Kuhn, JK Community Farm Executive Director said, “We wanted to provide a way for kids to connect with their food, and know where it comes from. We know that students are learning in front of the computers this year, and we wanted to make sure they have the opportunity to get outside and learn in nature.”

Kuhn said the field trips are self-guided. When people come, all of the activities are tied into Virginia’s math, science, health, and social science curriculum.

“We’ve incorporated counting, so they can pick a pepper plant, and they’ll count how many peppers they see on the plant. For more advanced students they’ll count how many peppers are on the plant and then the parent will ask them, okay if there are 10 peppers on this plant, how many peppers will it be on five plants?” said Kuhn.

Other learning actives are the human sun dial which will allow students to be able to tell time based on where there shadow is cast. One family took advantage of the outdoors, and describes their experience as “fun”, and their favorite part seeing the beehive farm.

Fjellstedt’s family, Field Trip Participants said, “The bees were scary but then when you stand back they’re doing their business, and we’re doing ours.”

Officials said the field trips are offered on Mondays since Loudoun County and Fairfax County schools are closed on Monday’s this school year.

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