How to maintain teen stress levels during college admissions season


GREATER DMV REGION (WDVM) — Playing the waiting game when it comes to college acceptances is stressful enough, but throw a pandemic into the mix. Anxiety and stress levels for students is increasing, as they begin to hear back from college admissions.

WDVM spoke to Dipal Shah, a mindset/health transformation coach, about managing stress levels when it comes to college.

Shah recommends anxiety-reducing techniques, such as meditation, exercise and getting enough sleep. Shah stresses the importance of exercise, partaking in fun activities, and not hyper-focusing on only the admissions process.

Shah also says parents need to ease their own anxieties to help their children. “Children get stressed, often times, because they want to make us proud,” said Shah. “Teens need validation and reassurance from their parents.”

As if applying for college wasn’t stressful enough, COVID-19 has exacerbated emotions, heightening students’ worries about the uncertainty of the future.

“The joys of college acceptance and getting that letter in the mail…The fun has just come out of it,” said Shah. “Students are not able to visit the campus, so it’s a little difficult for students to get a feel for what they really want and what’s really out there.”

Shah says it’s important to manage expectations and accept that students may not be admitted into every college they apply to.

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