Herndon County Police report 10 break-ins in five hours


HERNDON, Va. (WDVM) — Herndon County Police confirmed 10 vehicle break-ins over the time span of five hours yesterday.

Locking your car is easy to forget, especially when you arrive at your home, but could lead to stolen items and damaged property. Herndon County Police says suspects target unlocked vehicles as an opportunity crime.  

“So what we’re seeing is residents may think their neighborhoods are safe, they kind of get complacent, that they trust their neighbors, and they don’t think of locking the doors on their vehicles. What’s happening is people are coming into various neighborhoods and they’re looking specifically for vehicles that are unlocked” said Lisa Herndon, Public Information Officer, Herndon County Police Department.

Lisa Herndon says they typically see an increase of these kind of crimes in the summer, but are seeing an increase as more people are out of work.

“So people have a lot of time on their hands, they’re able to get out and cause trouble, if you will” said Lisa Herndon.

Herndon Police is encouraging residents to follow what they call the 9 p.m. routine:

“Make sure you get all of the valuables out of your car, lock your car, turn on that outside light because, again, these are people who are looking for these opportunities. We have very few vehicles that are going to have the windows smashed out and things stolen out of” said Lisa Herndon.

She said Ring camera footage has been helpful in developing suspects since the break-ins typically occur in the middle of the night.

Herndon County Police has not developed an individual suspect or group of suspects for this string of incidents.

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